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[WSO] Facebook Apps Ninja WP Plugin - Pro License

 For Upgrade to Developer RightsYou’ll Receive a
Special One Time Offer Once You Buy The PRO Version

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FacebookAppsNinja WP Plugin - PRO Unlimited

 For Upgrade to Developer Rights-You’ll Receive a
Special One Time Offer Once You Buy The PRO Version


Inside You’ll Be Getting a One Time Offer for

Another Premium Software (DEMO Below)


For Upgrade to Developer Rights-You’ll Receive a Special
One Time Offer Once You Buy The PRO Version
Frequently Asked Questions:


What’s the difference between FbAppsNinja and other WordPress to Facebook Plugin out there?
a) FbAppsNinja WordPress Plugin creates not only Facebook Tab applications but also Stand alone applications. Currently, no one else provide this facility.

b) Simple 3 steps to app creation. The MOST EASIEST Facebook Application creation wizard.

c) NO SSL required.

d) Awesome training…simply you need to work too hard to fail

e) Support – Look here for social proof our FB group and see how common people are creating viral apps who never did something before.

Is there any OTO (One Time Offer)?
Yes, there are 2 OTOs. The first OTO for upgrading to Developer version by paying a ONE TIME price of $49.98. Normally we are selling this for $97/year. The 2nd OTO is a suite of desktop software for $67. This software is for finding targeted FB leads for your niche and add friends automatically.
How do I get access to the FbAppsNinja Plugin and software?Upon completion of your payment, then you will be automatically e-mailed with details of your login and how to access the software and members training area. PLEASE CONFIRM ALL YOUR EMAILS FROM US. CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL FOLDER.

How do I support and assistance?

We operate a very dedicated support team to help you with this WP Plugin. All support questions must be raised through our helpdesk and via our ticketing system. This ensures everyone is dealt with as fast as possible and in the correct order. You can get support by emailing admin (at) fbappsninja. com or via our HelpDesk at www.fbappsninja.com/contact/

Can you please explain the licenses a bit?
Sure, the Pro are for YOUR OWN Facebook profile. YOU CAN’T use this for your clients’ or sell the apps outside. While the Developer license comes with full developer license and you can use this for multiple Facebook profiles, multiple clients and sell apps.
The Pro Plan – UNLIMITED apps across all modules and for PERSONAL Facebook profile.

The Developer
– UNLIMITED apps for any number of Facebook profiles and you CAN SELL APPS/SERVICE


Why my Facebook Apps and Pages not displaying properly in Chrome?

Facebook uses iframe technique to show up the apps and the pages on their website. Chrome prevents view of the images, videos and other content unless it is from a secured server. This is a chrome bug and there are hundreds of complaints all over the internet. We’re trying to crack this issue with a special coding and we hope we should be able to resolve this challenge soon.

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Originally Posted by Jeremy Kelsall
This is by far probably the best FaceBook software/tool that I’ve run across. Being able to do EVERYTHING from one control panel and not having to rely on all the extras that usually go along with it makes the process VERY SIMPLE AND EASY even if you don’t have any technical skills at all.


Originally Posted by stephencc
We ‘ve been running away from providing FBook marketing services in our business. We purchased the software at the end of last year based on the compelling Value Proposition, as a Mac user was kind of a inconvenient to use the PC but now this is in a plugin – fantastic.More to the point, is the training we have to learn about this before we can offer to clients and I am 100% thrilled with the quality of the training videos, everything is explained and made clear, Apps vs Tabs etc, which is you do not know, then you do not know !!For us, this is a complete Facebook marketing training program as well as the use of the software for the pricing for a year ! we are glad we got in on this early, once we have added some of our own Apps then we are confident we can track down clients and make £1000s from the (developer) use of this.I hate when I waste my money here in the Forum with people who produce 2nd rate products, lack of training etc but this has to be one of the best products I’ve purchased that can be put to use in our business to satisfy clients and generate revenue.Thanks guys (especially the guy doing the videos, they are very good).


Originally Posted by matflawless
Bought the developer and for my needs is perfect, I wanted to ask a few things to get started and support was absolutely fast and kind.
However, it is very user friendly but powerful(!!) and the price is a joke
It’s a
must have for FB marketing with no doubts, personally I’m satisfied and plan to use it for long time!!
Developer Suite rock em’ all!! Software 5/5
Support 5/5


Originally Posted by scottlin
I purchased this program today and have now had a play with it and watched some videos inside the training area.Firstly, I bought this coz it is one of the very rare programs that allows you to resell the apps to your clients and the developers even agreed to remove any reverence to them in the developer addition.Great start! And nice to see they reacted to my suggestion and quickly said they’d make it happen.For anyone who has been around here a while you will known that that is amazing on launch day…most sellers wouldn’t do that a week after a launch let alone reply to 5 emails let alone even get back to you the same day!The customer service these guys gave me was first rate! Brilliant!Now onto the app program, this is one serious bit of technology! They have a big set up and with 5 or 6 apps in there you can understand why. This is a suite of applications and the support section is full of how to videos for every app as well as a bunch on facebook marketing, facebook ads and how to moetize your app + MORE!

I was blown away, you’d buy this just for the training alone! They have done an awesome job here. The instructional videos are clear and concise, although absolute beginners may be tripped up in a couple of place but who hasn’t been when dealing with facebook and new…..great thing is, the boys will sort you out.This whole program is really impressive! This is an absolute joke at $69 a year and take it from someone who just spent 9 months developing a facebook app, it is difficult and expensive and it is far easier to fork out $69 bucks and get straight to the marketing.They should be charging much more for all these apps, it’s an absolute steal even for the cheapness of the warrior forum.’
If you are doing any business at all involving favcebook, you’d be mad not to get this suite of apps that you can market under white label…..it’s the best WSO of the year by a mile and cheaper than rubbish I have bought here many times.I had never heard of the developers until I purchased this today but I wish I had of coz I would have bought there other products too! Professional, A+ product, brilliant customer support, slick design and bucket loads of features that you can get for hundreds less than it should be every day of the week! This is an easy recommendation BUY IT!


Originally Posted by RuneE
Hey Ya’ll.
NEEDED to write a hands down review here.
This is one of the best buys I have done on the Warriorforum because this thing is a KILLER!
NOTE: I have been a crazed buyer, so this really means a lot coming from me.
First of all it’s ease of use let’s you get started almost instantly. AND the number of things this does is just mind blowing. For this price???
This is high end
and I love to use it.
Really exited about the future for you guys.
I know it is going to be good

BTW: I am not affiliated with the product owner or the product itself.
Just an honest review.


Originally Posted by si0077
Brilliant software, I have created 12 apps and marketing them on my site, sold 1 already and my apps are going viral and earning some ads revenue. If you want to sell your apps, I have built a marketplace for Facebook apps here Buy Facebook Apps I am going full into this project and it is all because of the software, thank you, its brilliant!!


Originally Posted by stormwebent
As someone who does a lot of marketing on Facebook not just for myself, but also for clients, I have to say that this is one of the most useful FB marketing tools. I tend to buy a lot of FB related WSOs and a lot of them get forgotten about. This is one you will actually use. Take the time to watch the instructional videos and you’ll be ready to get going.Whether you are looking to boost your own marketing income, offer more FB services to your clients or build your list, this is a great marketing tool. Be creative, think outside the box and you’ll be able to come up tons of uses for FB Apps Ninja.


Originally Posted by Carl Pruitt
I love this software. I bought the developer version almost as soon as it went on the market. If you take the time to watch the very comprehensive instructional videos and get to know what you are doing before you get started you will be able to easily set up all sorts of Facebook marketing apps for yourself and for clients within minutes.


Originally Posted by mattybee
Okay –I purchased this product (the developers license) a little over a month ago.Folks this is great value for money for the cash you are spending, (Which is bugger all really compared to the spend you would need to set this up via a developer).I certainly will be keeping my subscription and I urge you if you are thinking of buying this to jump in and get it while it is still so cheap.Thanks fellas.


Originally Posted by mikwd
I purchased the software a few months ago when it was the stand alone application. I kicked the tires on it a bit but never did much with it. When heard they were already planning a new big update I was looking forward to changes, although meant I would have to learn more about using WP, but that was inevitable anyways. Looking at the demo videos the new version looks great and I can’t wait to dive in even more!


Originally Posted by BargainsParadise
Fb apps ninja rocks.If your marketing on face book,there is no doubt you need this.They over deliver and show you from start to finish with creating your apps.If your new to this,no need to worry,it’s so simple that my 10 year old can use it.


Originally Posted by scottlin
They have done it again! I thought this was a killer product when it was first released but the developers have not rested and have continued to update and improve this awesome suite of apps constantly!You can’t ask for more than that! A great product every Facebook Marketer should own!


Originally Posted by ttippmann
I got a copy of the software. I am still digging in because there is so much you can do with it. For everything that the software does, I can’t believe the price is so low. If you do any Facebook marketing, I would def recommend using FB Apps Ninja.


Originally Posted by centrum1337
Hi guys,I can say that this FB Software rocks, it includes lots of possibilities you wanna do in facebook by making from a simple pages to a killer apps. If you are into facebook marketing or just promoting a cpa or PPD this software is your best choice it’s very simple and easy to use.The Best thing here is your apps are pre-hosted, it eliminates the extra costs and efforts of buying domains, web hostings and SSL. In no time you can start building your campaign and promote it right away.I highly recommend this specially to newbies that finding ways to start their journey in facebook.Here’s one of my simple fanpage that I made 3 days ago from this software.https://www.facebook.com/FarCry3Prem…90322544333196


Originally Posted by aymen99
i was one of the first people who got his hand on this tool , i got to tell you it is one of the best facebook marketing tools out there , when it comes to making facebook apps hands free, there is no other softwares out there that can beat it , at least not for its price !
Originally Posted by greenhornet
I’ve been playing with this software for several days now and must say that it is pure gold! The videos got me up and running in a few hours and taught me tons about marketing with facebook in a very straightforward and no hype manner. Since then I have created several pages, apps & games… all quickly and easily… and with a book launch coming up I have some big plans for this puppy. Thanks backlinksninja for an awesome product!
Quote Originally Posted by Joe118 View Post

This looks *REALLY KILLER*… can’t believe all that power under the hood! And heck I’m getting one for myself and will start earning some money with building facebook apps for clients, building lists, etc etc etc. This is a game changer alright.Way to go guys!

Quote Originally Posted by Emma Powell View Post
Yet another awesome offer from Dan. This one has got to be one of the best yet!! I have had a good play with this and all I can say is wow!! If its traffic your after you gotta get your hands on this. Its a dead set cracker!! Great job guys this has already started a steady flow of new traffic for us so thanks heaps again!!
*70% Discount Off Normal Price*
Limited Copies Available, Be Quick!
Pro – Personal Unlimited

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